As of today H1N1 vaccines are available to all Nova Scotians

Everyone is encouraged to wash hands frequently to prevent the spread of illness.

Nova Scotia’s H1N1 vaccination campaign has been expanded to include all Nova Scotians, Dr. Robert Strang, the province’s chief public health officer, announced today, Nov. 20.

“Since the beginning, Nova Scotians have shown patience as we have rolled out our immunization campaign to those most at risk first,” said Dr. Strang.

“Over the coming weeks, we anticipate a steady supply of vaccine, which is why we have decided to open it to everyone.

“I would also like to extend thanks to our public health service staff who have demonstrated a great deal of dedication during the campaign. We recognize that they’ve worked extremely hard under a difficult situation and will continue to do so in the coming weeks as we continue immunizing Nova Scotians.”

Nova Scotians are reminded that depending on the number of people coming to clinics, it is possible some districts may temporarily run out of vaccine.

“We would prefer that we run out of vaccine and restart clinics when we get more, than have vaccine sitting in fridges throughout the province,” said Dr. Strang. “Vaccination is the best defence against H1N1 and the sooner we can get more vaccine into people’s arms, the better.”

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