Two visions for one cultural arts facility

The Cobequid Cultural Centre of the Arts Society, also known as the Cobequid Cultural Society, is a non profit society that has been working toward the goal of a cultural centre to serve Bedford-Sackville and surrounding communities in the northwest HRM.

The Cobequid Cultural Centre and CP Allen High School in Bedford are looking to combine two visions to meet the demands of a cultural centre for HRM and surrounding areas.

The new cultural arts facility, which would be part of the new high school scheduled to open in 2013, would provide a venu that would cater to residents as far as Enfield.

Last night members of the Cobequid Cultural Society got together with members of the community, including CP Allen High School princial Jeff Lewis, to discuss this vision and make it a reality.

Still in its preliminary stages, the idea is that the new high school would give us an opportunity to develop a cultural arts facility enhancement that could benefit school and community.

The development committee hopes to have a proposed plan for spring 2010, outlining the vision and facility requirement, and how it would be funded and operated.

This vision would combine educational, creative learning, performance and community partnership ideas.

Performance space would be designed for concerts, theatre and dance.

“Not one group can do this, and not one community,” emphasized Steve Scott, president of the Cobequid Cultural Center of the Arts Society.

Scott added that this would be a great opportunity to have such a facility. CP Allen High School is going in; it just makes sense to have a cultural centre go in at the same time.

The committee would like the public to share their views.

Contact your elected representatives-your MP, MLA and school board rep. Let them know there is a community interest and encourage them to work toward this goal.

Attend a community consultation in February 2010 (date still to be confirmed) and express your views about the vision, how it can be funded and operated. Watch for more details.

Volunteer your time, skills, resources. The committee will soon need volunteers with interest in finance, seeking grants, sponsorship, communications, fundraising, etc.

Attend the fundraising events and concerts sponsored by the Cobequid Cultural Society and local performing arts groups.

Visit the Cobequid Cultural Society website for more information:

Give feedback. If you want to share your views, or want more information or wish to participate or volunteer, contact:

co-chairs Elaine Loney: or
Wayne LeMoine:

committee members Anne Webster:,
Wendy Haley: 835-3592 or
Principal Jeff Lewis:

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