Atlantic Fashion Week!

AllyG: If you ever want to slack off on your co-blogging duties, just have a baby. Seriously dudes, I’m, like, being waited on hand and foot by L-A over here. “L-A, can you update the look of our blog? I’m changing Hugh’s diaper” or “L-A, can you clean up my blog post? I have to take a nap. Tired from the baby and all.” I realize I just made L-A sound like my life partner, and sometimes I wish she was. In reality, she is the best co-blogger ever and has been doing everything for this blog lately. Including! Getting us set up as media for Atlantic Fashion Week!

L-A: She’s being modest. She forgets about how I dropped the ball on this blog when I took off to California (not nearly as good an excuse as “I have a new baby who does a lot of eating/puking/pooping/crying”) and then had the H1N1 (that one was a good excuse…I recommend using that one. I don’t recommend actually getting the H1N1. It blew chunks).  She totally had my back on both occasions.

Anythehow, it’s officially Atlantic Fashion Week!


The shows are tomorrow and Thursday. And we’re totally media. What the…? We’re not even seven months old and we’re media (I keep track by how old we are by how old our friends’ kid is. O-Dawg was born about a week after the blog). So I’m going to declare us the Unofficial Blog of AFW. But only because I don’t know if there are other bloggers getting in on this. And because we’re very much unofficial since I just thought of this now and haven’t asked if we could be the official blog. Maybe next year.

So what can you expect from us and from AFW? We’re headed to the shows and I’m going to try to set up my unsmart phone so that I can tweet about the shows while I’m watching the collections come down the runway (technology still blows me away).  Ally is headed out of the house sans enfant to join me for Wednesday’s Emerging Designers show.  This show is mostly NSCAD students and at least one St. FX student.  Here’s an example of work by NSCAD student Leslie Menagh for the Wearable Art Show:



Some great looking corsets (you’d never catch me dead in a corset, but that’s besides the point).  I don’t know if this designer will be there, but it’s a great example of what the NSCAD students can do. We’re excited to see what these up and coming designers will have to offer us.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Off the Cuff finalist Akshay Tyagi has to offer during that show.



I missed his solo show late last week, but that’s because I had to work and well, you know…Shakespeare got to get paid.


source (how much do I love Natalie Dee and Drew? Geniuses).

(oh…not actually comparing myself to Shakespeare. I just love that comic and it sort of fit).

The Thursday show looks like it’ll be a mix of designers we’re already familiar with, like Orphanage Clothing, Veronica MacIsaac and Sunsets on the Eastside (we’ll be doing profiles on Veronica and the girls of Sunsets).


Sunsets on the Eastside (Summer 09 collection – adorable!)

I’ve heard “rumours” that there will be some 1940s inspired pieces from designers and I’m looking forward to seeing these.

There are also a few designers we’re not familiar with.  I’m don’t know Lycheelime, Drunk Gurl, Khavita Khana or Maxwell-John Designs. But what I’m seeing on some of their websites is promising, like this number from Maxwell-John:



So, follow along here. Or join us at the shows! You can buy tickets online or from  George and Lito’s Restaurant and Joanne David.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to wear…my limited wardrobe/student budget is going to make this a challenge.  Will it be too obnoxious to wear sunglasses during the shows a la Anna Wintour? Yes? Okay, I won’t do it then.

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