More Celebrity Designs: Olsenboye and eau de SJP

AllyG: Sooooo, L-A is out hobnobbing with all the important people in the city while I am here with BabyG rocking him back and forth in the hopes of assisting the passage of his bowel movement. I speak the truth. Oh! There we go! We have action!

While L-A is getting sauced doing important blog work, I thought I’d flag a clothing line that deserves some mad props. You see, the other day while looking super hot in my neighbourhood (which is like, a typical Sunday), my neighbour Melissa (who is also hot) came running out to show me her new jacket that she snagged at Winners…where everyone is a winner… It was the cutest jacket I have ever seen. Quite literally. Now, Missy (I haven’t asked if I could call her that, but for my own shits and giggles let’s stick with it) has gorgeous blonde hair and a fair complexion. The jacket is an almost olive green which pairs PERFECTLY with her skin tone. OF course, I immediately requested that she share with me the label so I could help all of you folk look hot and sexy like us. She immediately complied. Have you heard of Louie Louie – Vintage Glamour? I hadn’t, and sadly, neither has the internet. Seriously, I cannot find anything about this label online. I AM AT A LOSS.

Can anybody help me out? This is all I could find…

In other news, my fave celebrity designers (besides my girl, Nicole) have launched a juniors line. I have a feeling this will be a bit more “high klassy” than Miley Cyrus’ take on fashion, non? According to, “The trendy twins – who became members of the CFDA last week – have teamed up with J.C. Penney Co. Inc., one of the leading retailers in the US, to design an exclusive junior line for girls up to the age of 15, called Olsenboye.”

Now this, I have to see. I’m not even being sarcastic. I actually think this will be good.

And the best. thing. ever. well, for myself and guest blogger Jo that is (notice that she isn’t just, “Jo” anymore? She’s Guest Blogger Jo! Loves) is the launch of a new perfume. Yes, that’s right. You too can smell like Carrie on SatC. I DO NOT LIE.


Yes, ladies (and gents who give a shit about the show and movie…are there any?), we now have a fragrance inspired by Carrie Bradshaw. You too can be slutty in a charming and kooky way! I AM SO DOWN! Hopefully it will come to Canada, currently the plan is to launch at Macy’s. Someone needs to send me some of that action. No joke.

And lastly, Serena and her short dresses…I’ll let L-A rail on that.

L-A: I would totally talk about Gossip Girl fashion EXCEPT that when I went to watch it on Monday night, there were people dancing on my tv screen.  And not Glee-esque musical numbers and dancing, but reality show dancing. And maybe y’all are huge fans of this So You Think You Can Dance business (they couldn’t have come up with a slightly better name for the show), but I am not.  Dancing and reality shows aren’t really my bag on a good day, so you can only imagine the devastation/rage that came over me when it was on instead of Gossip Girl.  Apparently A Channel moved Gossip Girl to the 8pm AST slot.  Which is totally uncool. Boo A Channel.

So let’s talk Olsens and celebrity designers. You’d think I’d be able to find pics of the Olsens back when they were shilling for Wal-mart, but I think that maybe they have the Power of Oprah and have wiped the internet clean of such images.  This is the closest I could find:


I know, they were all adorable and shit, but I do remember when that “line” of clothing came out and making comments about how it looked cheap and that I doubted either Olsen would be caught dead in their own clothes. Considering that they would later become BFF with His Highness Karl Lagerfeld, I’m pretty sure I was right about that.


Wal-mart? What’s a Wal-mart? (actually, that was the best moment of The Simple Life, when Paris and Nicole ask what a Walmart is…I probably shouldn’t admit that I watched that).

Anyway, JC Penny is a step up from Walmartland, but I’m still not sure about their new line “Olsenboye“.


The name is horrible and I kind of can’t deal with the peace sign in the logo. What is that about? Is it coming back en vogue? I fear it is and will get back to you on it.

As for what I can see of the clothes? What I’m seeing on the JC Penny website:

50455_03mk_102609_000000olsenboye1 olsenboye2

Enh. It looks like a lazy collection of hoodies and t-shirts with a famous person’s name on it.  Some promo shots:





These pics make me think it is maybe okay. Maybe.  I know the target market is juniors, I get that. I just think that if you’re going to put out a line of clothes, make them cute.  Lazy celebrity designs really stick in my craw.  And even worse is when it looks cheap (like that purse). I can deal with inexpensive, just don’t make it look cheap. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.  But they were giving out cupcakes to promote the line, so hooray for cupcakes! But cupcakes doesn’t make boring clothing better.  So, step it up Olsen twins. I expect better from you.

As for celebrity shillers of perfume: please stop. Not just SJP (although, because I love Ally, I may hook her up with some SJP in a bottle on my next visit Stateside), but all of you celebs putting your names on bottles and talking about how involved you were in the process.  Although, the whole world can rejoice that the Home Shopping Network will not be bottling the scent of Heidi Montag-Pratt. I didn’t even know it was a possibility, but I can’t tell you how to happy I was to hear it’s not going to happen. I don’t know what that would smell like, but my guess it would be a mix of Designer Imposters, Exclaimation and Heidiwood.  Just the thought of it gives me a cheap perfume headache. (although, speaking of celebs and shilling perfumes, have you seen James Franco mispronouncing Gucci on Funny or Die? It’s mildly amusing).

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