Sonia Kashuk Holiday

As a beauty blogger, I constantly build a wish list of things I saw on other blogs but can’t really get my hands on.

Sonia Kashuk, a exclusive brand to Target, is always in that list of mine. And what not helping is she is having a fabulous holiday collection, starting with this Twist of Fate Brush Set. The Muse has all the details, so if you haven’t already, go over and read her review. I’m just stating my thoughts (or a rant, so to speak) about it 🙂

First, SK is known for great quality brushes that don’t break the bank. Around November last year, I was browsing Target website just for her brush sets for fun and thought they would make such nice gifts for Christmas.

Second, the design is elegant, black and silver, twisted handles. The case itself is already a selling point, not mentioning what inside.

I mean look at the brushes, don’t you want them all already? And for $19.99, I’d be in Target in a minute the moment these are available in store if I could.

I always wanted to try SK brushes, and this set has typically everything a newbie would wish for:
– Powder blush brush
– Foundation brush
– Blending brush
– Eye shadow brush
– Smudge brush, and
– Dual ended lash/brow groomer.

Wow, could I have one please! Target, do you deliver, lol?

Lucky you guys in the US who can get your hands on one of these, plus other items SK has for this holiday. I’m normally not big about Christmas but holiday makeup collections are so exciting, don’t you agree?

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