The Children’s Place deal

This is non-makeup related and only for those of you who have kids, lol.

We were at the mall last weekend and saw The Children’s Place having extra 50% off all clearance items, so I wanted to take a look for a few things for Squirt.

There was a coupple leaving the store as we walked in, and they asked me whether I was going to spend $50 that day. Turned out they got that coupon “save $25 with $50 purchase” after spending $50 in store and didn’t think they would use it. So they offered it to me. Omg, I couldn’t thank them enough. With this coupon, the deal would be similar to 75% off clearance items and 50% off regular priced ones. How lucky was I?

About half an hour later, we left the store with:
– 4 pairs of pants (reg. CAD24.50, paid CAD5.50 each)
– 2 skirts (CAD16.50, paid CAD3 each), and
– 1 dress (CAD16.50, paid CAD4.50)
Total: CAD36 (taxes in). Squirt was one happy little kid, and I was one happy mommy 🙂

So for you guys who have a kid (or kids) to shop for, check out the store. It might be too much to spend (ultimately, you have to spend $100 in total for a saving of $25), but the extra 50% off on clearance items is a good deal on its own, right? I didn’t recall seeing the coupon deal posted on their website, so I was taken by surprise.

Note: the coupon is only good until the end of the month.

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