Check out the manly beard that I was rocking last September during my taped interview for Eastlink Television’s ATLANTIC FILMMAKERS hosted by John Scott. The interview is currently running on Eastlink Television, or if you have Eastlink OnDemand, you can simply go into the menu and select my episode.

I remember being fairly nervous for no real reason. It was not a good warmup for Regis. Overall though, I had a fun time with Mr. Scott. I still haven’t seen the interview (me being in Ontario and whatnot), but I’ve been told that Eastlink will get me a copy of it in a few weeks, so once they do that, I’ll put it up on the blog.

Fun fact: this is the beard that makes an appearance in the upcoming ROLLER TOWN (by Picnicface).

In other news, it’s been a damned-month since I updated the blog, and that is my definition of unacceptable. It’s been a fun month, I finished my first short screenplay in ages, which is currently being re-written, and also I had a brief stay back home in Nova Scotia to finish working on ONLY HUMAN, a feature film I started shooting three years ago.

Lots of fun on the horizon, stay tuned!


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