Atlantic, Lakeland to accept garden pots

Atlantic Gardens and Lakeland Plant World are offering local gardeners more options when it comes to responsibly disposing of garden pots and trays.

The Dartmouth, Bedford, and Sackville businesses are among the 40 Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) members in six provinces to have eagerly pledged their support to the National Plastics Recycling Event.

Gardeners are encouraged to bring their clean, dry garden plastics to the stores’ depots from June 25 to July 4, and stack them in the designated recycling area. To help make the National Plastics Recycling Event a success, residents are asked to dispose of non-recyclables and other trash through normal means, and refrain from leaving items outside the store after business hours.

For more information, please visit Atlantic Gardens in Bedford and Sackville, or Lakeland Plant World in Dartmouth. Or go online to and click on “National Plastics Recycling Event.”


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