Attn. Dog People: Provincial Park Leash Law Is Not Sitting Well With One Of Our Residents. Thoughts?

Ed here is not happy about losing the ability to let his dog run free in the area which is now an official provincial park between First and Second Lakes. He has been in contact with some government officials and below is a bit of what has transpired.

Have a read and let us know what you think. Are you pro or anti leash? There are definitely different opinions…let’s hear ‘em! (Below is all Ed and Gov. ppl)


I am confused here…

I am getting very mixed messaged from the provincial government responses…on one hand you Mr. Parker are essentially saying No absoultely not…no dog off leashes and Mr. Wilson is saying lets see how we can help…Please see Mr.Wilsons response below:

” Hello Ed, Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I’ve always been open and willing to work with individuals and organizations to address their needs and concerns in the community. I would be willing to work with you or any group to explore what options there may be for an off leash park. Since becoming the MLA for Sackville in 2003, my commitment has always been to protect the lands around Second Lake from development. Second Lake Park Association has lead this initiative for many years. Their membership have worked hard to protect and build a network of trails for both residents with and without pets. The only way to truly protect the land around Second Lake from development was to designate it a Provincial Park. I’ve enjoyed working with the countless volunteers from Second Lake Park Association, who have raised funds to build the trail system residents now use. I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Dave Wilson MLA Sackville-Cobequid”

My belief and the belief of many others is that making this trail completely a Dogs on Leash trail is unfair to dog owners , First off there are already several dogs on leash trails in the area ,why is it an area cannot be designated to those of us who enjoy off leash walks /or runs with our dogs. Perhaps even designated hours like they have in Cities like Vancouver? This is the year 2013 where many stores ,restaurants , Hotels have become Pet friendly yet our parks in this Province continue not to be? The Government claims to promote being physically fit yet…one of the things that gets people out walking and running is our pets ,Hace you ever tried running with your pet on leash Mr.Parker?Not an easy task . Certainly not as enjoyable for our dogs or ourselves either. I see people of all ages ,and very many elderly who enjoy getting out to this park and walking their dogs off leash ,I believe its good for the well being of all …people and pets alike yet Yourself and a few others seek to ruin this ,seek to ruin the sense of community that we have built with other dog owners. With regards to wild animals being harassed ,and killed…is there any proof of this? Also they are wild animals…they have more risk of being hit by a car than being attacked by a house hould pet ,or what if a wild animal comes into my yard? People reluctant to use the Park? i be to differ sir…Ive seen a drop in Park usage since its been made an on leash park …Do you even go to this Park? The exrement comment is absurd…Its the woods…Wild animals excrete in the woods ,as for the trails…lazy people are just that lazy people and whether the dog is on or off leash it does not make people any more likely to pick up after their pet…is it unfortuneate yes but…its certainly not something that should be held against those of us that do pick up after their pets. I think its unfortuneate and very narrow minded of the Province not to atleast consider making this off leash or find a compromise here ,not just this park but others as well. By doing this it shows the Government is truely promoting a healthier life style and sense of well being ,and community.

Ed Lundrigan


RCMP seek info on found headstone, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S.

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