Auditor General of Nova Scotia Sets Fall 2017 Reporting Dates

Auditor General Michael Pickup, announced the dates today, July
12, for three reports he will table in the House of Assembly this fall.

The dates and the subject matter of the reports are:
Oct. 4 : Financial Audit Related Work
— results of financial audit work
— Nova Scotia’s finances – what is important to Nova Scotians

Nov. 1 : Environment Related Audits
— how government accounts for environmental costs
— climate change management
— environmental assessments

Nov. 22: Health and Corrections Audits
— family physician resource planning
— mental health services
— home-care programs
— correctional services – safety and security

The auditor general tables his reports directly to the House of Assembly. As allowed by the Auditor General Act, reports can be tabled whether or not the house is in session.

“I look forward to reporting to all Nova Scotians on how well key programs and services in areas like health and corrections are being delivered by government,” said Mr. Pickup.

As well, the finance report on Oct. 4, will highlight the results of financial audits and related work across the Government of Nova Scotia.

The auditor general annually audits the Government of Nova Scotia’s financial statements including its accounting for nearly $11 billion in annual expenses. Financial audits provide people with comfort on the accuracy of the government’s accounting for actual expenses. As well, financial audits often provide opportunities to improve how the government’s finances are being controlled.

Additional details such as the time reports will be available to the public and time of news conferences will be made available closer to the dates outlined above.

The Office of the Auditor General is on twitter @OAG_NS and the website is

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