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rouge has had a busy week with lots on the go. Last week I attended a baby shower for a wonderful mom-to-be. We were celebrating the fact that this fine family will soon have a very welcomed addition. They are finally close to the successful end of the long and bumpy road called adoption!

I did a little reconnaissance over coffee the week before to get some hints about what kinds of design elements they had in mind for the baby’s room. Here’s what I gave as a gift to help inspire the room. It’s a little project that makes for a great baby shower gift, but could easily be adapted to fit any kid’s room.

• I used an old frame I had been hanging on to because I liked its wide sides and square shape. No glass required for this project!

• Next, I glued stiff back felt panels to create the backdrop for the piece. Stiff felt is the best choice for this because it’s more solid and easier to get a smooth, tight seam and clean edges to perfectly fit the frame.

• Then, I cut out all the shapes that I wanted to include on various colored felt.

• For the bird, I found an outline online, printed it on paper, cut it out and used that as a stencil to make a felt version.

• For the flowers, I glued paper flower shapes to the backside of my felt pieces and let dry. Then, I cut out the felt flowers, using the paper shape as my guide.

• I cut three pieces of grosgrain ribbon to represent tree trunks.

• Next, I laid out all the pieces and moved them around until I found a design I was happy with.

• The last step is to spray glue them all in place and let dry.

This is a quick and easy project that was fun to do. I’m thrilled that the mom-to-be liked it and is excited to add it to the new baby’s room because it fits within the planned design scheme.

Most importantly, I’m honoured to think that in some small way this will help welcome the new addition into the family.

Welcome, little Laney, can’t wait to met you!

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