Baby Caiman Crocs First Of Their Kind Ever Hatched In Halifax

Juvenile Spectacled Caiman - Caiman crocodilus

Oh mama, what big teeth you have! Yes, you read the headline right Haligonia. Metro Halifax is reporting that two baby common caimans hatched on November 2 out of a batch of 23 eggs laid by mother Splashes at the Maritime Reptile Adventures zoo. 

According to the article, zoo owners Mike MacDonald and Lindsay Giles were surprised when they discovered that one of three caiman crocs they recently imported was pregnant. Splashes laid her eggs in an enclosure pool — not a typical nesting habitat for caimans, who usually make their nests underground. 

Though the babies are only eight inches long at the moment, adult caimans can grow upwards of eight feet and can be incredibly dangerous. MacDonald and Giles stress that the animals are used to educate people about reptiles and that the babies are not pets.

Read the full story here:–may-be-babies-but-they-ve-got-bite


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