Baby Furniture & Must Haves

It’s now time for us to get serious about researching the baby items that we need and filtering out all of the things that we don’t need and are unnecessary.  This is why it’s so important to get the input from your friends and family who have been there and done that!  We figure the things that we need the most and take top priority are:

  • car seat (you gotta take the baby home! we’re going to get one of those "travel system" stroller all in one jobs)
  • bassinette (baby is going to sleep beside me during the first few months for feedings)
  • glider & ottoman for the nursery for feedings
  • nursing pillow (the “my brest friend” because it goes behind you and latches)
  • breast pump (just in case) *Although hubby jokes that he an rig up something with his "compressor" in the garage [insert nervous laugh here lol]
  • crib (although not "really" super urgent if we’re using the bassinette at first, but will still get one in advance)
  • changing table
  • baby monitor? (nowadays there are ones with VIDEO! How great would that be when you are training a toddler!)
  • burb cloths, diapers (still debating disposable or cloth), wipes, wipe warmer, receiving blankets, baby clothes, thermometer & general baby toiletries

Sooooo, I’m putting a call out for advice from any of you lovely people who have any suggestions as to what where the "must haves" for you after you had the baby home. What did you think you needed, but didn’t once you got into the swing of things etc.? What are your recommendations for the stroller/car seat travel systems? Experiences?

And I came across this great crib and change table set that caught my eye simply because the change table seems to make more sense to me than most other ones. This one you are facing the baby "bum on" 😀 as opposed to “side on” which seems like it would be more awkward than if you were facing the little peanut to do the job. It comes as a set (the bed converts into a toddler bed, day bed and adult bed) and the change table becomes one "side" of the crib:


So another question to you guys is: Would having the change table attached like that give the baby something to climb onto when they got a bit older and create a safety hazard, or would they be ready for a toddler bed by the time that would be a concern? Also Farmgirl pointed out that it can be really inconvenient if the front rail doesn’t drop down and can make it more awkward to lay the baby down once they are already asleep and picking them up etc. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that front rail drops down by looking at it. So what is your take on that?

Any tips and advice from you lovely folks is always appreciated 🙂

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