Baby’s First Bassinet

Not that a baby ever gets more than one, but it sounded right for the title. :-)  Our bassinet from arrived while we were away in Florida and this week the husband got his first opportunity to put together our first piece of baby equipment!  It’s an adorable little bassinet and okay, I may stare at it like every day and imagine our little peanut all bundled up and asleep inside 🙂

As you can see, the little peanut is starting to make quite an appearance!  I’m nearing 27 weeks and still can’t believe there’s 3 months to go.  I have no idea where this little one is going to find the room to grow and that I already feel this way already!


And given that I have reached this point in my pregnancy, it was time for my glucose tolerance test to test for gestational diabetes which I did yesterday.


I have to say, while I’ve heard many people warn at how unpleasant it was to drink this orange “glucola,” I actually liked it a lot!  I swear if you served it up in an orange pop can, you’d never know it wasn’t “real” orange pop!  Maybe the worst part about it is having to drink it all in 5 minutes, but I was good and thirsty and it was no problem at all.  I will find out the results of my test when I see my doctor on Friday. 

Some say that you can decrease your risk of gestational diabetes by introducing exercise by 20 weeks and I’ve also listened to a podcast with an obstetrician who said that it’s either going to happen or it’s not and there’s not much you can do about it

My main form of exercise throughout this pregnancy so far has been walking and I definitely got lots of that during our vacation along with a little swimming too. During our vacation however, I have developed what I suspect to be sciatica and is causing me ALOT of pain.  I knew a long time ago that this would likely happen because of my hip injury from four years ago, but was hoping I’d get lucky on that one.  No such luck.  It even keeps me awake at night and I sometimes have to sleep with a heating pad for periods of time on hip/bum. I will be so glad to see my massage therapist on Thursday and then talk about with with the doc on Friday.  So as you can imagine, my tolerance for walks has gone down quite a bit in the last week.  I am going to have to figure something else out.  My weight gain so far during this pregnancy is far above where it’s supposed to be and that definitely isn’t helping the situation either.  I kind of feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.  On the one hand exercise seems to aggravate it, but as we all know, exercise seems to be the answer for everything and I’m sure there’s alternatives.


We had the dresser delivered for the baby’s room the other day too.  I had some gift cards from Pier 1 burning a hole in my purse and even though Pier 1 doesn’t carry “baby” furniture, we decided a regular dresser would be used for a change table and will always be a suitable dresser for any room throughout the years.  Lucy of course was flying off the handle with them coming into the house with the dresser, so I put her in the basement.  We have a kitty door going down there for Chandler so he can get at his food and litter box without Lucy having free reign of that territory and getting into it.  This is the view of her cute little face trying to poke out.


I owe you guys a post on Epcot still!  And I’ve got a few other posts in the queue in the near future:

  • a homemade tofu lasagna recipe that rocked my world
  • a review of a lovely necklace that was sent to me
  • a review of my new staple of a snack which also includes a giveaway too!

So stay tuned my bloggies! 🙂


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