Bachelor Pad: The only thing worse than The Bachelor(ette)…

The cast for this summer’s second installment of the raunchy, fame-whore filled, disgusting Bachelor Pad has been revealed, and there are few surprises. So, let’s discuss.

The Women

  • Gia Allemand – God, really, Gia? I liked Gia when she did The Bachelor, and I wanted her to be The Bachelorette. I even tried to like her on Bachelor Pad last summer, and no one can be liked once they appear on that show. But her return to Casa Chlamydia combined with her feud with villain Vienna has officially rendered me disgusted.
  • Holly Durst – Who? (I didn’t watch her original season.
  • Vienna Girardi – But of course. (Remember the time she did an interview with Jake and cried about how he was a fame whore and she just wanted the normal life of a pilot’s wife? Yeah, she doesn’t.)
  • Jackie Gordon – She was on Brad’s season. Whatever.
  • Michelle Money – Her last name is “Money”, her appearance on Brad’s season of The Bachelor was obviously an audition for Bachelor Pad, so no surprise there.
  • Ella Nolan – From Jake’s season of The Bachelor, she’s a mom, and that makes me even more skeeved out by her participation.
  • Erica Rose – I didn’t watch her season, so I have no comment here.
  • Melissa Schreiber – Melissa was all kinds of crazy when she appeared on Brad’s season of The Bachelor, so expect even more nuttiness this time around.
  • Alli Travis – Brunette Busy Phillips makes another appearance.

The Men

  • Graham Bunn – He was from DeAnna’s season, which I didn’t watch.
  • Kirk Dewindt – He fought mold! His dad had a weird taxidermy collection! He…is from Ali’s season and is pretty boring, other than those two facts.
  • Kasey Kahl – Expect Mr. Guard and Protect Your Heart to get a lot of screen time, since his lover Vienna and her ex-lover Jake will be in the house.
  • Jake Pavelka – The official ABC press release lists Jake’s occupation as “pilot”, but we all know it’s actually “professional fame whore”.
  • Justin Rego – Of course! Honestly, I think ABC intentionally casts villains on The Bachelorette just so they can later be cast on Bachelor Pad. Same goes for crazies on The Bachelor
  • Michael Stagliano – He’s from Jillian’s season, which I did not watch. But the fact that he was once engaged to fellow Bachelor Pad spotlight chaser Holly Durst should mean some excellent trashy TV moments.

Plus, we’ll be treated to more time with three dudes from the current season of The Bachelorette. Bentley seems like a shoe-in, and my money’s on William and the Masked Man as the other two men who will stoop this low.

Of course, you know I’ll watch despite my shudders of disgust. I just can’t help myself. What do you think of the cast? Any insights on the faces that are unfamiliar to me? Guesses for the three mystery men from Ashley’s slim pickings?




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