back at em:)

I feel like I had a party and nobody came 🙁 I guess Sandy and I are the only people who like Westerns. Lots of views but nobody interested in a free pass for two to see it. I must say that I do realize most of my readers are not from here. If you can make a screening next Thursday in Halifax, pop by here and leave a comment:) First three comments get a pass.

In other news I am feeling almost normal! That cold sure kicked my #@!

Now, the nightdress story……I am lucky I lived to tell this tale. When I get a cold it feels as though my brain becomes full of sludge and I am only operating at half capacity. Staggering around the house like Frankenstein when I wasn’t in bed. Well, a day or two into the worst of it, I decided to make a small stir fry to get something more substantial than toast and tea into myself.

I had the stir fry going on the back burner and on the front I had the burner on high for a pot of water for couscous. Needing some spices, I dragged over a chair and stood to rummage in the spice cupboard above the stove. While my head was stuck in the cupboard, I smelled smoke. (Amazing because my nose wasn’t working) “That’s odd, I thought……..” Then looking down I saw bright flames!!! YIKES! It was me!

I grabbed the material on either side and scrunched it over the flames managing to smother them. The bottom edge of my nightie had been resting on the burner. It was a bit of a wake up call. I couldn’t believe I had done something so stupid. I also learned that pajama material burns quickly! Sheesh.

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