Back in Business

I’ve had a seriously great 2 days!  I AM BACK 1000% and does it ever feel good.  I am happy, happy, happy! :)  From previous experience, I know exactly what I need to do in order to have a successful week staying OP.


So that is what I spent the day doing.  I am ready to take on this week, full speed ahead!  I can’t wait to kick butt on the scale this coming Saturday!

I`m getting back into the habit of making all our lunches for the week on Sunday.  This makes my mornings much easier and staying on track easy peasy! 

I decided to added some veggies to the Mac `N Cheese casserole by creating a Roasted Red Pepper version.  I`ve never roasted red peppers before; its so simple and they tasted amazing.  Click here for directions.
I also experimented a bit more and made a fantastic batch of muffins. Orange POM Muffins to be exact. Yum!

I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback and supportive comments on yesterday`s post.  I am in this for the long haul and you will see me get there, promise! :)  I took some pictures before heading off the WW Meeting, forgot all about them.  So here are my official `fresh start`before pics. Excuse the tight running pants 😉

Oh and I updated my stats, no point in hiding it.  It’s a good reminder to stay on track too.

I can`t believe it`s only 6pm. The only thing I have left to do is get in some cardio.  Think I`ll hop on the elliptical and catch up on the DVR`d Gossip Girl.

Night Bloggies!

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