Halloween Strategy Success & Calling All WW Newbies & Re-Committers

Well well bloggies here we are we’re back on track, back in action and kickin some arse ;-)  I am sticking to my POINTS and that’s ALL there is to it.  I’m not even worried about it! (I heart Flex POINTS.)

Here’s my Day 1 breakdown:


You may notice that there’s only ONE POINT on there for chocolate on Halloween!  I didn’t buy the treats until the day of, for starters and then I pushed my luck with how much to buy.  A IMG_6806neighbour of ours told us that they only had about 15 kids last year, so I decided rather than have 80+ mini chocolate bars around the house, I would spend the same amount of money on REAL sized chocolate bars and buy about 4 packs of those (16 bars) and buy a few packs of the smaller sized butter fingers and hot rods (at least there’s protein in the hot rods :-P).  Well it turned out that we had at least 30, maybe 40 kids and I actually was just about to start giving out my Larabars when we had our last trick or treater! Pheeeeeew!!  We almost ran out, but it turned out to be a good plan because:

  • the kids got real sized bars;
  • there was none leftover for us to “deal” with 😉

So00000 it definitely wasn’t fun seeing that number on the scale yesterday at my first WI, but the “Pro” is that my daily POINTS allowance is 25 which is a great place to start.  For some reason 22 POINTS  felt like torture, but 25 I can totally work with 😉

PLUS I’m also definitely feelin’ the exercise groove which feels amazing because I actually feel excited about it and I have been out of that groove for quite some time.  I don’t ever remember feeling “excited” about it before, only anxious and resentful.  I’m loving the running (minus my knee) and cardio in general I am finding a huge difference.  My fitness level has definitely continued to improve and improve over the years and even when I wasn’t active.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel “in” shape, but I am really proud of where I am “starting.”

The next month will be spent on at least 2 (aiming for 3) nights running (in preparation of the Santa Shuffle on Dec. 5th) and up until that point I will have to get at least one night of strength.  I think that is very reasonable.  After the race, I will balance it out more with 2 and 2.

I believe there was talk amongst some local ladies about hitting up the GoodLife and trying out the Zumba class on Tuesday.  Have any of you beauties ever tried that?  It sounds fun:

Ditch the Workout – Join The Party! Zumba has easy to follow moves and routines. Featuring interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavour and international zest into the mix and you’ve got ZUMBA! See your club for class dates and times.

Are any of the Halibloggers up for joining me? Lex for sure! ;-)  Or anyone else for that matter?!  I’d love to hear your input on the class! 

And also whether or not you have decided to join the WW Meetings or re-join.  I’ve already been getting some comments from some of you who have recently, or who have decided to get back to it.  I’d LOVE to make sure that we’re all keeping each other accountable.  Let me know in the comments and maybe I can set up a side-bar list 🙂


Recipe: Orange Pom Muffins

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