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Angie Balboa

That’s how I felt tonight when I totally rocked FitKick @Nubodys !  Woot!  I felt incredible!  The class was PACKED, but it ended up being probably the best full body workout I’ve had in a long, long time.  I even felt like smiling I was having so much fun doing it too.  I felt so strong and athletic.  I loved it.  I’m pretty sure that is going to me a regular Monday night class for me!

I think another reason why I rocked through it was because there is a huge difference in one part of my gym routine this time around.  I have never lived so close to a my gym before and my previous routines consisted of stopping in on my way home from work, then home, then supper.  I would usually have a snack before the workout, but usually I’d been thinking about how much I didn’t want to be there and what I was going to have for supper! lol  But now that I’m so close to the gym, I got home from work @ 5, ate supper (leftovers from yesterday, so no cooking required), hit the road at 6:45 for my 7:00 class and even though it was a substantial supper, it was digested enough that I was perfectly fine and I had PLENTY of energy to power me through the entire thing.  I have never felt so energized for an entire 60 minute class before!

AND I don’t know about you guys, but my appetite is always suppressed after a hard workout, so by the time I get home around 8:15, blog, prepare for tomorrow, clean etc., I’m not even interested in snacking.

I have no idea why I’m so surprised, it all goes hand in hand! lol

So here’s a shot of my journal for Days 2 and 3:


Speaking of journaling, I have an idea to make it fun and fresh for those of you who are interested.  There are a few of you who also have newly committed or re-committed to WW meetings and I have started a little “WW Meeting Bloggies” blogroll on the side of the blog (down farther).   I will give you some more detail hopefully tomorrow (I have to run right now), but if any more of you would like to be added to my blogroll (or I have missed you if you have already told me) for some added support to keep us accountable outside of the meetings, please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to add you!

Til then, bloggies!


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