Jillian Woulda Been Proud

Oh bloggies, oh bloggies. I can barely type! Lex and I got our cocky arses to Fit Mix tonight @Nubodys because the Zumba class at GoodLife was cancelled and man oh man we were beat to a pulp.

Fit Mix is a group athletic training class that combines resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and core stability work.

Read: Fit Mix is a group olympic athletic training class that combines Jillian Michaels “last chance workout” style exercise and cardio via jumping jacks and trying to stay alive while you hold side planks AND leg raises at the SAME TIME!

Who even knew that was possible!!! Right now I am icing my back and I hurt my wrist getting down and up so many times so quickly doing the football things. I had no idea the class was going to be so grouling! I tell ya I wasn’t smiling tonight like I was last night! lol I didn’t feel strong at all this time around. I am very much looking forward to FitKick again though. LOVED it! Both of those classes are definitely high intensity and they earn me 7 – 9 Activity POINTS because they are 60 minute classes. WOOT!

Note to self: measly 30 minute workouts only earn me like 2, so step it up and make it WORTH IT! No phoning it in (right, Jill?! :-P)

So that about does it for me for strength for this week! Tomorrow I’m going to try spin class for the first time with my buddy Amy and it looks like Lex isn’t finished getting beat up either, so it should be fun. And I’ll be breaking from exercise Thursday and Friday and Saturday will be straight up running for some Santa Shuffle training.

Who wrote this post? Is this ME???? Woooot! I wish I could bottle it and sell it! No, wait, I wish I could bottle it and save it for when I’m needing this feeling again šŸ˜‰

Today’s eats were great. I’m too sore to get up and grab my camera to show you my journal at the moment and I’ve got an ice pack on my back, but I will show you tomorrow. But today’s eats were:

55g Blue Menu Omega Granola (4) <---must weigh any cereal b/c the “cup” amounts are always wrong!
1/2c skim milk (1)
1c raspberries (0.5)

1/2c fat free cottage cheese (2)
1 hard boiled egg white (0)
tea w skim milk (0)

6″ turkey & ham sub from Subway (5)
cheese, light mayo, mustard (2)
veggies (0)

130g Liberte No Fat Probiotic Svelte Yogurt (2)
Pom seeds (1)

1/2 slice delicious pizza (hubbys) (4)
Baked squash with feta (1.5) <---I'll post more on this later!!! (Pics and all)
1c chili (lean ground chicken, beans, veggies) (6)

9 Activity POINTS earned

Time to rest my wrist! G’night bloggies.

Cheers to a bright and beautiful day tomorrow šŸ™‚

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