Hello Quads & Hams, Meet Sore Bum

Firstly, last night’s supper was WORTH sharing so here it is!  This is a baked Delicata Squash with feta cheese!  O.M.G.   It was incredible!

It was organically grown here in Nova Scotia and I just placed it in a sprayed casserole dish and stabbed it with a knife a few times and let it cook for a loooong time (about 2 hours at 400).  You just cut it open and scoop out the seeds sprinkle some light feta and voila!



It’s a lot smaller than it looks here.  It was about 1 cup total and a little feta goes a long way, so the squash + feta was only about 1.5 POINTS

I had it along side some home made random chili which was AWESOME!  Chili was about 6 POINTS:

IMG_6815    IMG_6819 IMG_6818

It was so good and sooo filling I had to share!

This morning Lucy was as cute as ever (per usual) all cuddled up in my spot:


So I lost my spinning virginity tonight and so did Farm Girl, Lex, and my friend Amy.  We hit up a 40 minute class which we thought was a good place to start.  We were all kinda scared.  We’re all kinda newbies all around since we’re all trying to get back into the exercise swing of things.  Lex and I were both SUPER sore form last night’s FitMix class and quite frankly I had a hard time walking down the stairs this morning!  So we all showed up for class and then they ended up post-poning it for half an hour.  So we pow-wowed for a bit and made our way up to the spin studio.  It turns out we were the ONLY people taking it!  Woot!  It was a great way to get introduced to spinning when it was just the four of us and the instructor!  She spent some time going through the different exercises that they do in spin class and how to adjust our bikes and then we rocked it.  I knew from the very first revolution around the petals that my quads were going to HATE me!  It felt like knives stabbing me!  But I went for it anyway.

All in all I liked it.  I find that it usually takes me about 20  minutes to really get “into” a workout anyways, so cardio-wise I was just getting warmed up half way through, but my quads were killer!  So now I can add a sore bum too.  I bet tomorrow will tell the tale 😉

Afterward since the gym was directly beside Pete’s Frootique I HAD to seize  the opportunity to grab a salad.  I LOVE a Pete’s salad anywhere any day.  I had about 9 POINTS left, so I loaded one up that had:

  • salad mix
  • spinach
  • red onion
  • tomato
  • egg
  • cheddar cheese
  • dried cranberries
  • trail mix
  • beets
  • chick peas
  • rotini noodles
  • poppy seed dressing

It counted it as 9 POINTS and it was worth every single bite.  It took care of all my veggie servings left for the day and was super healthy.  It was HUGE and only $6.75.  Loves it. Once upon a time I would only eat salads to “save” on POINTS and now I LOVE salads chalked full of yumminess and will pay the POINTS price for it easily.

So as promised, I’m including a pic of yesterday’s journal together with today.  I forgot to circle my total for today which was 26.5.  I’m definitely getting myself a “real” journal with more space to write!  I can’t stand this tiny little thing! lol




Now that’s it for me for the gym for the week! Done.  Tomorrow night Lynn is taking me as her date to Symphony Nova Scotia because she and Jaime scored some tickets some way or another I think on Twitter, so we’re getting together for some Sushi after work for supper and then the show.  I’m looking forward to it.  I still have 20 Flex POINTS for only two days, so I’m good to go!

How did the last few days go for you guys?  Did you get in any activity today?

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