Doraku Sushi, Symphony Nova Scotia & Tweeps!

It was a long day yesterday bloggies and I didn’t get home until after 10:00, so there was no time for blogging. As you know, after work yesterday, I met up with Lynn and Jaime for some sushi to be followed by a performance by Symphony Nova Scotia with tickets that were snagged on Twitter. I got word yesterday that a few other local Twitter friends had also won tickets to the show and sure enough as we got our tickets at the box office, Alice in Paris was standing there with @TammiHayne and Alice pipes up and says, “Angie? How’s your bum? Is it sore?” hehehe How cute! Turns out that our tickets were in the row directly in front of theirs and they were definitely good seats:

IMG_6873By this point in the evening, I was definitely tired and past my “best before” date, but a pic is always in order anyway:


It was a great opportunity to be given a free ticket to see the show. I love music. I used to play the flute (fun fact you never knew about me, did ya? Okay so I traded band for the soccer team in grade 8, but still I did used to play!) .

I enjoyed the music for the most part. It’s not every day you get a chance to hear a live symphony. The second set was pretty impressive, but I didn’t care for it too much. It just wasn’t my style, but I did enjoy the last set much more.

Soooo, backing up a bit. Before the Symphony, we met at Doraku on Dresdon Row for sushi. Jaime posted her rave review on the place a while ago and Tasha had also loved this place, but couldn’t remember the name. It’s this little tiny place that you have to kind of walk into little “alley” to get to the front door:



We thought it was fun that they have us the seating area that you had to take off your shoes to climb up into and you are on ground level:


But don’t fret, even though you are sitting on the “floor,” you get to hang your legs down like a regular seat:


Had to take off your shoes too!


IMG_6838Ya haaafta have green tea when you have sushi! Especially when you’re getting “real” Japanese green tea when you know it’s prepared the “right” way:



This was the best Miso Soup I have ever had and it was such a perfect soothing treat on a crisp Fall evening the night before our first official snow fall (I know!). Actually I’m on my way to work right now travelling with the husband because it’s snowing and I didn’t want to deal with the roads and the traffic, so while we’re stuck in ridiculously slow traffic, I’m getting my blog done! 🙂 Win-Win for me! 😀

Ok back to this Miso Soup! I loved it so much I declare that if and when I get a cold or the flu, I am most definitely sending the Husband there to get me some of this soup!


And I adore edamame and my first time ever having it was actually the very first time that we met when we had sushi way back then! ‘member that ladies? 🙂 Ever since there’s no question that I have to have edamame when having sushi!


They brought our appetizers to us at the same time as the meal which wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t much matter. It was all so incredibly delicious and that is the main thing! Hello wasabi and pickled ginger! I heart you 🙂


I’m getting better at chop sticks too!


Lynn and I split a few different rolls. We both LOVE sweet potato rolls, so we got two of them, a spicy tuna roll, spicy scallop roll and a Philadelphia roll:


All I can say as it was hands down the BEST sushi I’ve ever had and I loved it all!

IMG_6867 IMG_6866 I only have my “Week 1” starter booklet and this is the POINT calculation they give you as a guide:

  • Edamame (1/2c shelled) = 2
  • Miso soup (1c) = 2
  • Sushi, maki (rice rolled in seaweed with cucumber, fish or vegetables, 6 small pieces 1” x 1”) = 2

Here’s how the counting went down.

  • Miso soup (2)
  • Edamame (2)
  • Green Tea (0)
  • Sweet potato roll (5) there was tempura in it and I had one to myself
  • Spicy tuna roll (3) there was spicy mayo on top
  • Spicy scallop roll (2)
  • Philadelphia roll (3) there’s cream cheese in it
  • = 17 POINTS

Which is kinda high really when you think about it. I really don’t believe that it is that high and I likely over counted, but better safe than sorry! I had 9 POINTS left for the day and 20 Flex, with 20 AP’s so I think I’m good! lol

Regardless it was incredible and I’m definitely going back there!

I will post a picture of my journal from yesterday when I post it today’s later on on.

Have a fantastic Friday bloggies and tomorrow is my first weigh-in after my first full week of being a WW Meetings member! I’m actually pretty excited!!

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