Persistence Not Perfection! (Video)

It’s Week 1 Result day!

Sorry I got cut off! lol That’s me yammerin’ on and on past the time allowance for the camera! Don’t worry there’s more farther down 🙂

Lynn, Me and Holly waiting for the meeting to start. The place was PACKED! It almost felt like it was after New Year’s or somethin’!

Today’s topic:

Our leader said something that is so absolutely true. She said that “it’s not perfection, it’s persistence.” That pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? I agree with this statement 100%. It’s important to not let yourself get down when you think you’ve went “off track.” That immediately starts to depleat motivation when you start to feel negatively toward your progress, right? Motivation definitely waxes and wanes and we have to teach ourselves ways to make it wax again…

Stellar results for a stellar week! We left the meeting feeling energized and motivated for the new week to come 🙂

At the end of the meeting she always reads a motivational quote. Today it was, “The easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.” (Deepak Chopra). And how true is that! We help lend support and encourage motivation to others in our blog circles and in turn it comes back in many different ways. Part of it is the return of the same support, but part of it too is how great you feel when you help someone else 🙂

It’s a clean slate all over again regardless if last week was good or not, right? I think one of my downfalls over the past while has been “riding the success” just a little too far and it always ended up cancelling out! Not this time! Un uh! I’m pleased with Week 1, but now it’s time to work on Week 2! It’s a whole new week and it’s in my hands.

After the meeting we ended up getting our cardio at the gym and then we hit up Starbucks with Jaime where I enjoyed a tall skinny hazelnut latte with my apple and portion of cheese. We gabbed for a bit and then Lynn and I hit the road back to my place. She graciously agreed to come and help me re-vamp my blog! My blog has been desperate need of an update! As you can see it’s still fairly “old school” and starting to look fairly dated! I started this blog three years ago and a lot has changed around the blog-o-sphere since then! I am so grateful for having Lynn’s help! I figured the least I could do is feed her! 😀 Unfortunately blog designs take time, so we’re still in the construction process, but I am so excited that it’s finally coming!


We made curry tuna salad sandwiches and a delicious POM-apple-cheese salad. OMG YUM!

The salad:

  • Mesclin Mix
  • Baby spinach
  • red onion
  • roma tomatoes
  • julienne carrot
  • julienne beets
  • honeycrisp apple
  • POM seeds
  • EVOO + aged balsamic

Tuna Salad:

  • can of tuna
  • light miracle whip
  • chopped carrot
  • chopped onion
  • curry powder
  • salt & pepper
  • on Healthy Way whole wheat bread

It was FANTASTIC, filling and delicious and all for 8 POINTS!

Lynn, (god love her heart) was tinkering around with a new layout for like 5 hours! The next thing we knew it was supper time! We ended up ordering Pizza in and we did really well with the choice. Pizza Town offers a “Calorie Smart” menu where they top whole wheat tortillas with pizza toppings rather than the dough. We ordered one each of the Tex Mex and the Western Steak and split them. They were both fantastic! I didn’t take a picture of it but it was well worth it! We counted it for 12 POINTS (4 for the tortilla, 4 for meat, 4 for cheese) and we enjoyed it with a POM spritzer made with Sprite Zero + POM Wonderful which is my new favourite treat! I’ll post it another time because this is getting long!

Anyway bloggies, that’s a wrap for my first week back in action. I am really interested in hearing about how you all did so please blog about it and hit me up with some comments on how you’re doing 😉 And of course WELCOME to the few of you at our WW meeting who asked for our blog addresses. I hope you’ll follow along with us here too 😉

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