Back To Basics

Sometimes you just gotta get back to basics:  Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese were the perfect match to this cool, rainy Fall day.  I love this combo, it’s simple and delicious!

When I say basics, I mean it.  I’m talking soup from a can, people.



Alright, I souped it up a bit. <— haha, get it? I souped up the soup! 😉

Lame. Lame. Lame.  I know.

I simmered the soup with fresh thyme and ground pepper.   Sprinkled with a handful of shredded parm once served.

I like grilled cheese with those gross cheese slices.  Yes, I said it.  Those horrible chemically-made, sodium packed slices of empty calories.  The ones that I only buy once every three years because, well, they just aren’t cheese.


Made on whole wheat bread with butter.


Served up the proper way – dipped in the soup, of course!

Yeah, okay, so this meal wasn’t really basic for me since I had to go to the grocery store to buy the soup & the cheese, but it was a yummy. And really easy to prepare.

During Supper we played a round of Scrabble. 


Hubby won, due to one silly “X” that I was waiting for the entire game.  I’ll beat him next time though. 😉


We just got back from our evening walk.  I love walking in the mist, it’s so fun! I’ve made an effort to be more active lately and I feel like I’ve finally got into a good routine again. Whoot!

Stayed on track today and listened to my body [in terms of food.] Speaking of, Marisa has a really great post on Intuitive Eating. I could really relate to it. 

Whatelse.  Hmm. Well I tried to go to a local fishing community to take some pics but it started to rain so I’m going to have to go back another time.

IMG_8208 IMG_8206
IMG_8210 I did, however, get some of my favourite pictures printed off and changed up a bunch of the frames around the house.

I love, love, love the sunset shot. [Click here for large pic] Would you believe that I took that with my little point & shoot?

Tomorrow, my Mom and I are going on a day trip down to the Annapolis Valley.  Among other things, she’s being interviewed by a local paper about her Aldershot 1940 blog.  How cool is that?  We’re also meeting my Aunt for lunch at the Blomidon and making stops at a few markets. I’m on the hunt for local Honey Crisp Apples!

TV time – can’t wait to see the Private Practice premiere!  Night all.

PS. MariLynn Photography has a few new pics up – A Sign & Banker.

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