Back to School Bliss for this MOM!

I am trying to contain my excitement as I write this post on this, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! But as the song “Scream and shout and let it all out” blares in the background I can’t help but blog it all out…

Yes, I am one of THOSE mothers.

The kind who is thankful that school is back on and the kids are out of the house (and in my case out of my office) for a few hours a day. You see, I am a work at home mom, a freelancer, a contract employee, a business owner and of course, a blogger. All of these “professional roles” add up to many hours of work each week, often outside of the usual 9 to 5. But I love it. Variety, fast pace and flexibility are all things that make me love what I am doing right now.

But (you knew there HAD to be a but, right?)… it made for a pretty hectic summer. This summer was to be all about the kids too. They are getting older (7 and 9) and are so much fun to be around (most of the time). Don’t get me wrong, they were fun at 2 and 3 and various other ages, but now they are FUN (meaning they can feed themselves if needed and can actually play a game of cards 1.) without cheating 2.) actually following the rules and 3.) not losing their minds if they lose). But I digress…

This summer, my first husband (ok, he’s my only husband to date and the father of said children but it’s much funnier to call him my first husband) and I decided that we’d stay at our fave campground all summer (as I’ve told you before). Well, WE MADE IT. We (my girls and I) only spent about 7 nights away from our trailer since grading day in June. Whew. We weathered rain, heat and close quarters… and you know what? It was awesome. Especially yesterday as we were getting ready for school today and saying goodbye to summer my oldest daughter (10) thanked me for the summer and staying at the campground even though some days it wasn’t easy. Wow. That made my day… and my summer.

But enough sentimental stuff… today, they are at school. And I’m home (with my assistant, Wacko) and I’ve accomplished so much already: billable hours, cleaned out two junk drawers and three cupboards, completed my workout (yes, it’s true), and actually managed to write this blog post UNINTERRUPTED. I’ve got my blog groove back. But I kinda miss those little buggars…

I posted this pic today on Facebook because I think it expresses how I feel today… thankful for an awesome summer, two healthy (relatively clean, now) girls, family, health… and a little peace as I try to do great things for great clients. That is all. And I haven’t even had wine yet today… or all week for that matter. Hmmmm…. what’s with that?


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