ReTales Sept 8: Target Sets Halifax Opening Date, Hurricane Frosh, Froyo and BOOM!

This is the time of year where things slowdown in the opens and starts to move to the closes, but so far all seems clear and open.

The students are back as was evident from “Hurricane Frosh” hitting the shelves of Mumford Walmart.

The fun starts next week when the kids are trying to buy groceries without Mom & Dad’s help.1240584_703474249679110_693750528_n

Target finally officially announced the opening of the 3 metro Halifax stores Bayers Lake, Bedford Place and Mic Mac Mall on September 17th

As CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt opened on Quinpool in the former Blockbuster beside Relish, Goji’s frozen yogurt signs went up in the shops at Mills. Really not sure why they would wait to fall to open but the froyo is upon us, adding to Yeh! which opened earlier this year.

Just because froyo is the new trend doesn’t mean that the burger craze is over yet, BOOMburger, the PEI based and COWS cousin burger joint is looking to setup in the Larry Uteck area.


Elizabeth Smith

RCMP seek assistance locating Missing Woman, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S.

Back to School Bliss for this MOM!