Bay Road roadside pie couple overcome rough times to get back in business

In sorting out a pile of papers I just came across an article I clipped from the Halifax Weekly News months ago, back in October 2010. It’s about the pie lady who sells her wares on the side of the St. Margaret’s Bay Road. I see she’s back after an absence.

Her name is Jamie Lahr, and she and her husband David run their pie business out of their Spryfield apartment. According to the article, they both lost their jobs in the winter of 2009 and were homeless in their freezing car for about four weeks. Eventually the couple managed to get a place of their own.

“With a roof over their heads, the couple had to give up their vehicle,” the Weekly News says. “They couldn’t immediately afford another. Now, they’ve both been working two jobs and selling pies from their apartment to save up enough to purchase another second hand vehicle. They haven’t been out selling their roadside pies for about one year now, and are itching to get back out in the public eye.”

So the return of the pie lady must mean that she’s come across some better times. Congratulations, Jamie and David. Maybe I’ll stop for a pie sometime.

So take a look at the full article on the Weekly News website. And if you don’t pass by the Bay Road, I see that you can pre-order pies from the Lahrs by calling 479-1228 or emailing


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