Beans, beans are good for your heart, the more you eat them, the more ya….


On Friday I made my decision to suck it up and go to the WW meeting after all of your comments. Even though your opinions were back and forth, and I agreed with you all and the fact that I was even debating it made me realize that it was important to go. My plan was to go. Theeeennnn at the xmas party, I had a few glasses of wine. Now I didn’t have “that” many glasses that I would have expected to feel so sick the next morning as, but my body reminded me that I’ve changed my lifestyle so much over the years and I hardly ever drink alcohol that apparently I can’t handle my booze. I literally felt like I had drank a big bottle of rum or something. I was shaky and felt reallllly sick and dehydrated. There was no way I was getting out of bed because the possibility of getting sick was more than “iffy” at that hour. So I didn’t end up getting to my WW meeting after all 🙁 I was actually pretty disappointed about it. I think I feel more badly about that, than how the wine made me feel. I did an “unofficial” WI at home which wasn’t even that bad. I think my scale is about 1.5 – 2 lbs lower than the one at WW, and it put me to around a STS, which was nice to see, but still, I felt badly for not being there at the meeting.

I was glad I stayed in bed though because after a few extra hours of slumber, 39843834 glasses of water and a hearty bowl of pumpkin oats, I felt much better and was ready to start out busy day. My Dad was up visiting, so he and I hit the city streets for a little shopping. Apparently the husband had a xmas gift surprise up his sleeve that required him to be somewhere “alone” at 1:00 for a “few hours” and loved that he was being so mysterious about it! Whatever it is he is up to, something is being “made” and the guy said he would have it ready by Christmas Eve at the latest. That husband of mine is always so incredibly thoughtful and creative, so we shall see what it is!

So that left time for me and my Dad to just spend the afternoon together hitting up a few shops and OH.MY.GOD.IT.WAS.COLD!!!! The windchill was RAWWWWW. Brrrrrrrrrrr! I snacked on an energy bar somewhere in the afternoon and drank more fluids! It was like I was an empty water tank I was so thirsty.

Later in the afternoon we got home and I hadn’t gotten any of my xmas decorations done or we hadn’t gotten our tree, so the mission was to get our tree! The husband and my Dad and I went out for supper and got our tree. I had about 3 wings, a few chips (appetizers for the table) and a bacon-wrapped scallop dish with teriyaki stir-fried pasta & vegetables (only about a cup). I did enjoy a peice of my Dad’s beer battered fish (LOVE IT), a few of their fries and I drank and drank more fluids. I felt disgustingly full, but it was more from the intake of fluids more than anything.

Then we got home, got our tree up and I spent the evening decorating it and getting out the other decorations for the house. I’m about 85% done, but still with lots of cleaning and de-cluttering to do. I never got my xmas cards ready like I had planned. I’m starting to panic!

Went to bed fairly early and got up yesterday fairly early. We had a long day in the kitchen ahead of us because we were making baked beans and toutans for supper (a favourite) and both the baked beans and baking homemade bread for toutans are an all day event. The husband is the “bread maker” in our house, so he was in charge of that, although somehow I ended up in charge of cleaning up the flour explosion that took place – can’t quite figure that out still!

For breakfast I had one of my favourites: toasted Ezekiel english muffin with light cream cheese & microwaved egg whites on top with my home made egg nog misto coffee. Later on in the day I snacked on some yogurt with POM seeds, cottage cheese and a few tastes of the baked beans as I had to “test” them for their doneness 😀

I did manage to get out for a short run yesterday before supper. I had my running clothes on for like 4 hours but I kept getting side tracked cleaning this, cooking that (I was also making a pot of chilli for my Dad to take home), but I finally did make it out for a quick half hour run. I was glad I did. I had plans for another lap around, but it was getting dark and the fam was waiting on me to enjoy the fruits of our labour in the kitchen, so I wrapped it up and went in for supper.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, “toutans” are a Newfoundland specialty. Basically you take homemade bread dough (usually left over from making loaves) and rather than baking it in the oven, you cook it in a frying pan with some butter (each serving is about the size of an egg of pre-cooked dough) and they rise up and turn into crispy “rolls.” They are SUCH a treat.

The only problem with it was that while beans are “good” for you because they are pretty much a nutritional powerhouse in the fibre and protein department, they did a NUMBER on my stomach and any time I have homemade bread (he made 60% whole wheat), it BLOATS me beyond belief, so my stomach has been in pretty rough shape pretty much all weekend! I could not get rid of the thirst and it was all going in but not much needing to go to the bathroom, so today my stomach is reeeeallly expanded and I feel like dirt.

I want to go to the gym tonight for a huge treadmill redemption, but I am also actually contemplating getting my H1N1 vaccine at the clinic nearby my house. They are only keeping the clinics running for a short time longer and I have been so conflicted over getting it. I still am. I think the reason I’ve decided I will go for it is because I will be doing alot of running this winter and there is a chance that my immune system could be lowered because of it. Intinctively, I am still cautious about this vaccine, but I think it’s okay to trust the fact that every doctor in the province has gotten it. I should just put it to rest and get it and be done with it.

Anyway, so I’m going on and on here trying to mumble out my thoughts on the brain. I haven’t been feeling particularly “inspired” to blog lately and I don’t know what is up with that. I know that it won’t last and it will pass. I have been blogging for nearly 4 years and I feel kind of lost without it!

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