1. My movie list has edged its way past 200. This is OK. Next year will be better.

2. Andrew and I put our diseased brains together to create a weird little 8mm film for the AFCOOP Super-8 Handmade Holiday Screening.

It may be overlit and not in focus… and even if it’s not, it will still make zero sense. The premise is that Penhorn Mall, beloved by many (I mourn the loss of its movie theatre), is about to be torn down. The mall Santa, a rather creepy chap, vows to never leave its hallowed halls. The mall is torn down, and the Santa is killed.

Chronicle Herald

Mysteriously, the Santa’s body goes missing, and his mad scientist son has sworn revenge. What could possible happen next…!?!?


Filmed in my kitchen and on the lovely Dartmouth waterfront, at the very least the project afforded me a weekend of fun, throwing around fake blood and pointing kitchen knives menacingly at Halifax. Joy to the world.

Santa Chris

Beans, beans are good for your heart, the more you eat them, the more ya….


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