Beauty From The Earth

I named a pigment colour, guys! I’m so excited, lol.

Beauty From The Earth is one of the mineral makeup companies that I have been meaning to try out. A few weeks ago, they hosted a little naming game for their latest Fall Collection and one of my suggested names was chosen.

It’s Castle in the Sky, a medium silvery purple. The name fit the main MAGIC theme of the collection. What do you think?

As a little prize for chosen name, I was offered 3 colours from their site. If I chose the colour I named, I would have to wait as the collection wasn’t ready to ship yet, so I picked (from L-R):
Butterfly, a gold duo-tone that shines green,
Fire Dancer, a burgundy red, and
Lemon, a highly pigmented yellow.

The package arrived yesterday, 3 beautiful jars and an additional sample of Blueberry, a very vibrant blue. I swatched them right away as the colours were just too pretty to wait.

I use a primer (top half) and a black liner (bottom half) as a base, applied the pigments with a damp brush.

This picture was taken with flash to show the sparkles but it, at the same time, washed out the intensity of the colours. The duo tone effect of Butterfly didn’t show very well either.

So my thoughts? The colours are very pigmented and easy to apply and blend. No chunky glitters or over powering sparkles. Overall: they are great.

Surprisingly, my favorite among the 4 is Fire Dancer, not Lemon. It is very pretty IRL and has enough jazz to kick butt, I’m not kidding, perfect for a night out. I’d use Lemon in the inner corners, and Butterfly for highlight. Blueberry is very intense, so maybe a bit in the crease would be fun.

I don’t know any of my readers are pigment junkies but hope you enjoy a little feature of colours. Have a great day!

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