Walmart Photo Centre promo

What day is it tomorrow, guys? 09.09.2009 🙂

Walmart Photo Centre is having a special promotion tomorrow: 99 prints for CAD9.99. Anything prints after that would be CAD.10 each (regular price is CAD.19 per print). Available online only until midnight.

I am a slacker when it comes to developing pictures. I love taking pictures, but all I do after is downloading them to my laptop at home and look at them that way. I can’t remember the last time I had some pictures developed. It might be the pain of burning them to a disc or find a memory stick to take them to the studio, but my photo albums stopped when Squirt was 3.

I have uploaded to my account tonight all the pictures I wanted to develop, just waiting for the promotion to go live tomorrow. I gues promotions like this get me out of the procastinating mood.

I do realize my blog is about beauty, but I think photography (and the happiness that beautyful pictures bring you) are beautiful things as well 🙂 Have a fun day everyone!

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