Beauty with Brains giveaway

Another giveaway, and it’s a fun one, yay!

Introducing Beauty with Brains. Not too long after I started reading beauty blogs and did blog roll constantly (to find new fun blogs to read), I arrived at Beauty with Brains. After reading through the first few pages of the blog, I added my email address in the subcription box. I personally like receiving email updates when my bloggers update their blogs, as it is such a pain coming back everyday to check for new posts – as not all bloggers blog daily. I have no idea what Google friends would do after I follow a blog, so I haven’t done so 🙂

Sorry for being a little carried away there. Writing about beauty blogs reminds me so much about the early time of me getting to know beauty products and the ladies who write about those products. I found it really helpful to read from real users, and most of them stay true to their opinions which I really appreciate.

Anyhow, Giorgia is having the first anniversary of her blog and to celebrate, she has a giveaway of multiple prizes, from Barry M dazzle dust , MAC Hello Kitty pigment sample (I have been wanting to try these for a long time) to Labello lip balms (supposed to be the best moisturizing lip balm ever, according to some of my beauty bloggers, of course, lol). So, go ahead and enter for a chance to win. While you’re there, don’t forget to congratulate Giorgia. I know it’s not easy at all to maintain a blog – speaking from my experience (even though I haven’t blogged for that long).

One last thing, you will find on the left hand side of the blog a special offer for Makeup Masala’s Makeup Mix Shop that I blogged about before.
I actually have used this offer twice to receive 2 free mineral eyeshadows – Tuta (on the left) and Vishesh (on the right) with my 2 orders with Makeup Mix Shop. Love them. Thanks, Giorgia and Toma!

Thanks for stopping by.

Photo source: Beauty with Brains and Makeup Mix Shop.

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