Sally Hansen nail treatment sale

I have to get on blogger right away to tell you about another deal of the bottles of nail Sally Hansen treatments that I found. Remember the Weekend finds post last week where I mentioned I got the nail hardener, whitener, base coat and top coat at Shoppers for $3 each – on sale, after coupon? Today I found an even better deal at Lawton.

I was going back to Shoppers to find more Costa Blu but the CAD.99 deal was just for the weekend (bummer!), so I left. Lawton was kinda on the way, so I stopped by. Just passed the door, I saw 2 baskets of Sally Hansen nail polish (different lines), with red stickers and a sign said “50% off”. I digged through, trying to find more Insta-Dri colours but didn’t see any. I went on to the racks and see more red stickers at Sally Hansen corner. The nail treatment was 50% off as well. Please do not tell me they don’t want to carry this brand anymore, as I like it. But I wouldn’t complain a 50% sale.

Anyway, I immediately grabbed the Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment which has been on my long time lemming list since the little “nail treatment” session I got at a “Cosmetic Gala” at Shoppers. The technician was obviously from Sally Hansen and she buffed and polished my nails, using this exact product, and I totally loved it. I wanted to pick one up since, but the tiny little bottle was more than CAD10 at Shoppers all the time and never went on sale. Even the deal of CAD5/bottle last weekend at Shoppers was just for certain products (mostly the ones I picked up) and didn’t include the 4-in-1 treatments. Now I saw them on half price (CAD6.25), can’t pass it up. Plus, I could use the $2 coupons (the blue stickers taped right on top of the package), so it came to a little over CAD4. I couldn’t be happier. While there, I picked up 2 more Mega Shine and 1 Age Correct strengthener (this one is for my mom). Can’t help it when these only cost me CAD1.65 each. Amazing right?

I love Lawton for its clearance sale, as I have seen huge dicount on stuff they want to clear up stocks. Like these Sally Hansen Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatments I got for CAD3.25 (top row, from L-R: Tourmaline, Amethyst and Kunzite), second row: Healing butter for Lips (CAD3.25), Lip Exfoliator + Moisturizer (CAD2), Lip Inflation tints (CAD2.25) and Chapped Lip Repair (CAD2). Another example would be the half-price clearance of the NYC Long-wearing nail polish that I mentioned in my Nail Polish stash post. And these ones too – the concealer wheel was CAD3, the lip glider was CAD1.50 and the lipsticks were CAD.99. The thing with Lawton is thatthe clearance sale has never been mentioned in the flyers. It is up to each store to promote the sale until all items are gone. That is one of the reasons why I like to do a quick walk through its cosmetics section. I don’t see any red stickers there, I could just walk on by. Not many people go to Lawton to get their makeup, as technically it can’t beat Walmart price-wise. But when stuff is on sale, I’m totally supporting them.

So, if any Haligonians out there that love Sally Hansen nail products, head over to Lawton for some good buy. I’m not sure this deal is available at all Lawtons, but the one I went was on Spring Garden Rd. Right downtown there for you, ladies.

Thanks for stopping by.

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