Because I am a Girl

Plan Canada, has just just released the 2009 edition of their ground breaking series of reports Because I Am A Girl. These reports highlight the plight of girls around the world and the unique role they play in the fight against global poverty. I was contacted by them and asked if I would help spread the word about their Because I am a Girl campaign. Of course! I really do believe that empowering young girls and women can only lead to good things. You can read a bit more about it HERE.

Research shows that investing in girls can literally lift entire nations out of poverty. Girls in Halifax and across Canada have the power to change the world.

Plan Canada, in support of the 2009 Because I am a Girl report is filming a documentary across Canada. The documentary team will be filming at the Halifax Shopping Centre on Saturday October 10th from 12-2 pm. Girls will have a chance to share their thoughts on what it means to be a girl in Canada and how they make a positive impact for girls around the world. This film is aimed at capturing the experiences of teens, tweens and their inspirations. These experiences will be captured and released as a documentary in Spring 2010.

The documentary is the cornerstone of a campaign that aims to enlist girls in Canada in the fight against gender inequality around the world by raising awareness of the plight of girls in the poorest regions of the planet and their untapped potential to be powerful agents of change for their families, communities and nations.

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