Bedford Residents Association: latest news

Information Meeting on Lyme Disease – Sept. 19, 2011

The Bedford Residents Association, in conjunction with our MLA, Kelly Regan, is pleased to advise that Dr. Ernie Murakami of the Dr. E. Murakami Centre for Lyme will be in Bedford to discuss Lyme disease on Monday, September 19th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Basinview Drive Community School. All those interested in learning more about Lyme disease are welcome to attend. As you may know, Bedford is an endemic area for Lyme so all should know the correct way of preventing Lyme disease, the proper removal of a tick and how to obtain a diagnosis and treatment.

Street Closures for Block Parties

Block party requests are considered for residential streets on week-ends. For first time events or if an event has not been held for a few years, it must be demonstrated that the residents of the street are in agreement with the requested street closure and party.

The closure of a street cannot be taken lightly. A main purpose of a street is to move pedestrian and vehicular traffic and property owners have the right of access to their property. Hence the requirement to obtain written agreement of residents prior to authorizing the street closure.

If approved, the residents are responsible for the erection of the required barricades and signage according to the approved plan. HRM supplies the barricades but the residents must pick up and return them.


-Name of street where closure to take place including from where to where. Closures are to start and stop at intersections where ever possible.

– Date and time of proposed closure along with any rain date.

– Contact name, address and phone/fax numbers for the event.

– For first time events, written agreement from all affected residents included in closure. This is usually done with a note at the top of each page stating the proposed event, date, times contact person and phone number. Then all civic numbers are listed down the page(s) with room for the resident to sign – note if an apartment building is included within the proposed closure area a signature from each unit is required. Also included are the corner lots on the street.

– Copy of any flyer to be sent around the neighbourhood advertising the event.

– A minimum of one (1) week required between application and proposed date of event.

Application can be made to Right of Way Services by Phone or fax by providing the above information:

Carmen Eisan, Engineering Assistant 490-6245 fax 490-4858

Brian Robarts, Engineering Assistant 490-6845 fax 490-4858

Applications can also be dropped off at any of HRM’s Storefronts: West End Mall, Halifax; Alderney Gate, Dartmouth or Sackville Office presently located at Sackville Sports Stadium on Glendale Drive – Returning to Acadia School 636 Sackville Drive April 1, 2004. They will then be forwarded to Right of Way Services at 21 Mount Hope Avenue, Dartmouth for review.

General Information

– Note that temporary street closures are for vehicles. Pedestrians are still allowed to access the street.

– Remember to set up in such away the there is a lane access on the street should an emergency vehicle need to come down the street.

– There is to be no anchoring of anything into the street or sidewalk ie tethering down a bouncy castle. This should be done in grass areas or gravel not within the street on sidewalk.

– Street closures are not permitted for yard sales or the like. If your street is having a yard in conjunction with a block party then have the sale then close off the street when it is completed.

– Temporary closures are not permitted only to provide parking for off street functions.

Next Association Meeting

The Bedford Residents Associations monthly meeting for July and August have be cancelled. The next regular meeting will be held the 3rd week in September. Any interested persons are more than welcome to join us. If you are interested in joining the association or want more information please contact us at or phone 835-5643.


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