Better Late Than Never: Project Runway Recap!

L-A: Yay! My Dream BFF Tim Gunn and Project Runway are back:


We technically don’t get the US version of Project Runway in Canada. This makes me sad. [update! I am WRONG! We will get it on Slice in September. Exciting! Maybe I’ll hold off on talking about the show until then… or maybe not. But I’m psyched that it will be coming to Canadaland]. It doesn’t stop me from a) being excited that it’s back on the air; b) watching it;  c) noting the changes made since the show has moved from Bravo to Lifetime; and d) telling you about some hits and misses. I’m not going to do a whole recap. There are other sites out there to do that.

This season was filmed in LA, which means no Parsons, but as I dream of one day living in sunny California and I share the same initials as the city, I’ll deal with the change in city and sewing room. Besides, FIDM is the alma mater of Lauren Conrad and She-Pratt (have they graduated?), so it’s got some reality TV cred.

So this week’s challenge was to do a red carpet look in a day and half, with $200 and a half hour to shop at Mood (Mood remains! Bluefly accessories wall has been replaced with Macy’s wall. Tresemmé has been abandoned for Garnier Fructis which is littered all over the designers’ rooms). I enjoy when Michael Kors tells the designers that what they’ve made would never be on a red carpet, because honestly? Of course it won’t! They spent $200 and less than two days on the damn thing. We all know a proper dress takes more than that. At least more time.  But whatevs. I didn’t hate too many of the dresses. The winning design was cute:


But you know what? The really fun part of the show isn’t the good design. It’s the train wrecks. Like this week’s guest judge (and I will apologize in advance to MH, one of our favourite readers, as I know he loves Lindsay):


Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I think you can see that Heidi wasn’t thrilled to describe LiLo as a designer. It’s probably like how Anderson Cooper felt about describing Heidi Montag as a singer:

Ummm…hello Silver Fox hotness. I love him just for the look on his face when other news person says the word “Speidi”. Anyways, LiLo was there to sell us on her leggings, but as you can see in this pic Heidi did a better job selling her leggings:


((p.s. Nina Garcia isn’t actually giving the designers The Finger. It’s just a bad screencap. But it is amusing to think about if she did).  Those would be the “Charisma” legging by 6126 that Lindsay is sporting:


They look like something you’d find at American Apparel, only more expensive. They do not look like something from a “seductive world” of “feminine power and grace” (direct quotes from the site). Apparently 6126 is all about honoring a time when “chic was swank, elegance was a la mode, and glamour reigned”. I feel for the person who wrote that copy. Because I know they couldn’t believe any of that applied to those leggings. But Shakespeare’s got to get paid, son.

Moving along on the train wreck LiLo, I need to address her extensions:


They looked like they were ready to overtake her and eat her. Ally may laugh at my J.Simps extensions, but even though I haven’t quite figured out how to wear them (properly installing them may actually involve some rocket science), I do know they look a sight better than those things. Can we ban bad looking extensions already? We all know it’s not your hair. And it really doesn’t look that hot. So ditch them already.

I was a little iffy on Lindsay judging red carpet looks, seeing as some of her choices have been questionable:

PR6-ep1-lohan-(30) PR6-ep1-lohan-(34) lindsay-lohan-is-an-american-rose-of-class-1

A getup like photo number 1 is what makes me wonder what she had against the losing design. Because this certainly looks like something she’d wear:


Michael Kors described it as a disco soccer ball. Lindsay made these faces:

kittenisconfused kittendefinitelynolike

Mostly confusion.

She was also completely unimpressed when desinger Qrystyl said she designed the following with Miley Cyrus and Lindsay in mind:


I don’t completely hate the dress. I think Qrystyl was just doing some last minute sucking up and it fell flat. No matter what the dress, Lindsay didn’t seem too impressed to be lumped into the same category as Miley Cyrus:


This is one of those times when I can’t say I blame her. Because you know she’s thinking about how Disney doesn’t love her or her coke habit anymore now that they’ve Miley and Miley’s got Jesus. But seriously, when Lindsay isn’t in need of rehab, she actually does have some acting skills in there. She did a really good job at not giving the designer a total bitch face. I would if someone tried to compare my style to that of Miley. Even if I did design skanky looking leggings.

AllyG: I missed Project Runway this week, so I am terribly grateful for the post. I promise I will dutifully study the next episode even if I am in full-blown labour. Therefore, all I have to add to this post is this:


Although, I will state for the record that I have rocked out to “Over” numerous times. Once within the last week (I was trying to induce labour by waddle dancing around my living room…clearly, it didn’t work. BabyG probably sealed him/herself in there with super glue after hearing that).

Shortboard winner Julie Baldwin. Photo courtesy One Life Surf School and Spa.

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