Big Day Downtown – Take 2

Because we at This Needs to Stop are super awesome at sharing we decided to make the most of our Downtown Halifax Visa and make this a two part challenge. Leslie and Sylvia had a great time cooking and crafting, but sadly Joel and I are not allowed to do either of those things

unsupervised, or supervised for that matter. We decided that we would hit the town on a Friday evening and see what kind of non-flammable trouble we could get into. And we even made a for you to enjoy, so please enjoy it.

Our first stop was Argyle Fine Art, we had a great time checking out the 3D art, and the Scrabble pins. There is a lot of wonderful pieces there, and they are all the works of local artists. We both found some really great pieces to purchase and both plan to return very soon for some others.

We then found ourselves at Boutique Joliette, a fabulous boutique that offers pieces from Canadian designers, unique styles and vintage finds. The store has so many interesting and unique pieces. I fell in love with a necklace by Hawke Originals, it was handcrafted in Nova Scotia, and I am hoping it might find its way to me this Christmas. And I think it is safe to say that Joel’s lovely girlfriend Leah may find a box or two from Boutique Joliette under the Christmas tree this year. We decided to purchase a hair pin from the Lou Lou Bell line, it was very pretty, and we decided that it would be the perfect thank you gift for our camera person. She was thrilled with her new accessory.

Our last stop of the night was at JWD Books, where we could have spent hours and hours browsing the stacks, as there is an endless selection of some fantastics titles. Joel went for a book he had never read and I went with an old favorite. The store has a title for everyone and is a great place to go if you are looking for hard to find or out of print books.

We had a great time on our Big Day Downtown and would like to thank the Downtown Halifax Business Commission for including us in this fantastic promotion. There is lots to see and do here in Halifax, and we encourage everyone to do their own Big Day Downtown!

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Say hello to Florence:)

Say hello to Florence:)

Early dinner at The Bicycle Thief