Biore Skin Preservation

Just pop in quickly to let you ladies know that Walmart is having the whole line of Biore Skin Preservation on sale for half price. And the deal wasn’t in the flyer, I’m not sure it’s just this store or not.

I was quite curious about this line when it was first released, as it was supposed to be for “in-between skin” – between teenage skin and anti-aging skin. I sure am not a teenager but not convinced I HAVE TO start anti-aging products just yet (just the self-talk about age, I assume, lol). I kept my eyes on the product prices for a while, to find a good time to buy. Originally they ranged between CAD10-15. I even collected the coupons that were attached to the display at the stores, just to be ready 🙂

So, Walmart seemed to know I was waiting and put them on sale, 50% off. I didn’t expect it at all, as it is quite early (in my opinion) to have a big sale on such a new line. But it’s Walmart. They could basically do anything, have the craziest sale.

So I grabbed a few things. From L-R: Dual Fusion Moisturizer SPF30, Even Smoother Microderm Exfoliator and Moonlighting Overnight Moisturizer. I left out the cleanser and the eye cream, as I have way too many cleansers and the eye cream I’m using won’t be done for a while. But the day moisturizer with SPF30 kinda talks to me, as my Olay moisturizer only has SPF15, and I always wonder whether it’s enough. I have heard good things about the exfoliator, and I love the feeling after using an exfoliator or scrub on my face. The night moisturizer is to accompany the day moisturizer, as I believe using products from the same line together improves the effect.

And the cost? The moisturizers were CAD7.97 each, and the exfoliator was CAD7.47, minus CAD2 from the coupons. Love it!

A little neutral NOTD for you today as well. I have Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Xtreme Wear in Sugar Bare on my nails. It’s light enough for work but not too boring with the light pink tone. I do go crazy sometimes with a brighter polish on Fridays, cause I get bored easily with neutral shades. Same thing with my eyeshadows, as I can only do that many neutral looks, if you know what I mean. I try to respect the fact that not many of my co-workers wear makeup (well, maybe only foundation and mascara), but can’t commit to that all the time 🙂 I need colours in my life!

Did you see any nice nail colours lately?

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