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Bites and Broken Bones

What is the Universe trying to tell me? On May 25th just after this gentle woodsy picture was taken, I was walking back to my car after a lovely hike and was attacked and bitten by a German Shepherd! Ouch! It was scary. The owners were there and quickly got the dog in control.

I went to the hospital, got a tetanus shot was bandaged up and sent home. It was pretty bad, flesh was torn and I was laid up for a week and then in discomfort for 4 more with several doctors visits and another hospital one. I got the go ahead to start walking just weeks ago and then….on July 1st went sailing and just before I took this picture….I had taken a bad fall. Really bad and hurt my hand and foot. Little did I know it was broken! (no alcohol was involved:) Sheesh.

So I now have a cast and crutches. Another 4-6 weeks of healing ahead of me, perhaps 8. I see Ortho next week so I might be able to ditch the crutches. I’ve been doing a lot or reading and Netflix watching:) Unfortunate thing is I am self employed and I still have to earn my living. Ah the joys and downfalls of self employment.

My daughter brought home some of my painting supplies from the studio so I am starting to do a few smaller works here. Healing bones is tiring work:) My energy is a bit lower than usual. Oh and did I mention that I can’t drive until the cast comes off…..sigh

Halifax is quite a hilly city so when I am a bit stronger it should make for some interesting maneuvering.

I’m going to use this quiet time to get to work on some children’s book ideas I have had kicking around for a while. Maybe that’s what I am supposed to be doing and needed to be brought to a halt to get started haha. We shall see how inspired I get……
(these photos are all instagrams, I’m aliceinparis1 over there, you might have to have an instagram account in order to see it)

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An artist and mum to a beautiful daughter. I live in the gorgeous province of Nova Scotia, Canada and write about bits and pieces of my life. Alice is the name of my grandmother, who was an amazing business woman and Paris is a city we LOVE. Art and tea are necessities!


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