Black Business Initiative For Kids

Black Business Initiative offered a Break Into Business camp for youth ages 10–14 during March Break. Campers got to run their own business for a day. Ed Walson Payed them a visit and in these videos you can see what went on.

Here are some more events organized by the BBI.

For information on all our events you can contact our Training Associate, Dorothy Fletcher at or by calling (902) 426-8698 or toll-free 1-800-668-1010

All Summer we have the Business is Jammin’ Youth Summer Entreprenuership Program.

Summer Schedule

The Business is Jammin’s Summer Schedule is currently being developed.


Afrikayak Entreprenuership Camp – A ten day camp where particpants build and learn the science involved in the building of kayaks. They also decide the type of business they would engage in with the kayak at the end of the camp.

BIJ Provincial Summer Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Business is Jammin’ provides financial assistance through a small summer loan to Black Youth who want to start up their own business (e.g. Lawn Care).

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