My Gears, They are Grinding

That last post was my 400th. You’re welcome. 

You know what bugs me? Why is it that when I go to a retail store and make  purchase, they want my personal information? I’m a people pleaser, so I generally oblige but I’m beginning to dislike the idea. They don’t need my address, phone number and blood type in order for me to make a purchase. 
Do you tip at fast food places (not including Tim Horton’s)?
I was at a Subway the other day and when I was paying with my debit card the option to leave a tip came up. This was at the point where normally you’re putting in your pin so since I had already put in a couple of numbers before I noticed, I ended up tipping about 100% more than I had planned. I’m kind of annoyed that they did that… it’s normal for a regular restaurant, but Subway? I haven’t seen that anywhere else…

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