Blackbook Collective, changes at Quinpool/Vernon

If graffiti and clothing are your thing then The Blackbook Collective is probably for you. Located in deep North End Halifax a block behind Cousins/Needs on Lady Hammond

The Blackbook Collective

The Blackbook Collective

HaliKids has a holiday popup in Sunnyside Mall

The corner of Quinpool and Vernon is getting set to be replaced by .Noble Grape has taken up residents in the new restored property on Oxford at Oak.

Cyclesmith pedalled over to Agricola. etc is heading over to Kempt and the Atlantic Cat Hospital makes its way across the street to Quinpool Centre. That leaves Domino’s who are still seeking a new home and Tims who have decided to just close up that location.


The Keep Quinpool at Vernon

Tims coffee is going up 10 this week.


Paper is up on what is unofficially going to be the Urban Outfitters on Barrington

Frank and Oak opening in North Face/Carsand Mosher space on Barrington by year end

The Smiling Goat Espresso on Lower Water has a liquor license, look for boozy winter drinks in the coming weeks

And some followers found these gems this week

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Skelt for Bunkers

Peanut Butter Cookies

Melrose Peanut Butter Cookies