Bluenose Marathon 2009

Another grey day for the annual run/walk but it was a good temperature for the participants and thankfully not raining! I walked the half one year and just might do it again. It is so inspiring to see everyone out there trying their best:)

Coming up to the 18K mark. For the half marathoners, it is getting hard. The half marathon is about 21 K/13miles so this is just about 3 k left to go. For the full marathoners, it is almost half way.

Just past the 18 k water station

This crazy guy ran the half marathon pulling a rickshaw!! He even had enough oomph to click his heels in the air as he passed me at the 20k mark:)

There are people of all ages and sizes. The day before the official Bluenose Marathon they have the “kids run”(5K) and there were hundreds of school children registered for that too. It is promoted through out the school system and they train for it.

Clapping on a walker:) One of the great things about this race is the support for the participants all along the route. People cheering and encouraging them on. It does make a difference.

Two happy volunteers, the one on the right happens to be my daughter! Well done:)
The volunteers are well taken care of. Pre-race reception earlier in the week, t shirt, lovely nylon bag, fleece blanket, small packaged raincoat, offers of food/water from cycling support team and a big party in the evening. This year they had over 1000 people to help out and they could have used more.


No boys allowed

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