Boardwalk Empire: How Catholic Are You?

OK, let’s kick this Boardwalk Empire review off with some bragging. Look, my boyfriend was Richard Harrow for Halloween and I think he did a really good job!

It was kind of my idea, so you can give me credit. Even though he was the one who, you know, did all the work. Anyway, golf claps for Rob!

OK, onto the actual show. You guys, I just don’t know. I mean, yeah, I’m not quite ready to give up on Boardwalk, but there are way too many characters and storylines for me to really love this show. Two of the most compelling characters, Chalky White and Richard Harrow, who I’m the most invested in, were barely acknowledged this week.

Lucy had the baby this week, and Van Alden’s wife found out about it. While I don’t exactly hate this storyline, I’m not particularly invested in it either. The stakes aren’t there – what happens if Van Alden’s wife leaves him? How does his storyline intersect anymore with that of Nucky’s or Jimmy’s?  I’m just not really sure why I should care. I’m more interested in what will happen with Van Alden’s colleague Agent Clarkson, who is seriously injured but still knows what Van Alden did.

The way Van Alden struggled with his sins fit in with the other religious themes from the episode. When Margaret’s son Teddy was set to make his first confession, she was advised by the priest to make one as well. This forced Margaret to face the life she’s been living with Nucky. She knows she’s going against her religion, but she’s in too deep to leave. When she finally confesses, she admits nothing about Nucky but tells the priest she has feelings for another man – Nucky’s strapping new Irish driver. This man, Owen Sleater, is sleeping with one of the maids but also seems aware of Margaret’s attraction to him.

I’m still not sure what to make of Margaret. She chastises Katie for sleeping with Owen, when she herself is sleeping with a man out of wedlock. Was this solely because of Margaret’s lust for Owen, or was it also Margaret’s way of chastising herself?

Meanwhile, Nucky’s plan to have his charges turned into a federal case is successful, but unfortunately it might not be as easy to escape the federal charges as he thought. I find some of the politicking involved here tiring, but I’m interested to see where this storyline goes.

What did you guys think of the episode? Tell me in the comments!


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