Book Reviews To Come

I was lucky enough to be approached by The Penguin Group and was asked to gave a look at a couple of books and talk about them on the blog.  I had big plans on getting to work and getting through them over the Christmas holidays.  I’m a little late on that plan!


In fact, I’ve been majorly behind on the blog for a while now!  You are all so sweet for checking in on me with your emails and your comments.  Please know that I am doing very well and there’s no need to worry about me at all.  Your concern and genuine support touches me to the very core and I thank you so much!

I have a few preliminary thoughts about The Body Fat Solution that I was going to post right now, but on second thought, I’ve decided to wait until I’ve had the opportunity to read a bit more of the book first.  I am excited about having these books to review and I thank you Penguin Group for the opportunity!


NOTD: Gosh Ocean