Bourjois back in Canada

Are you a fan of Bourjois Paris? I had a good read of the Metro this morning regarding Bourjois being brought back to Canada, which is exciting.

Now, I am a “late boomer”, so I wasn’t aware of the brand being in Canada before. But it’s back, and that’s all that matters. Who doesn’t want more beauty brands in Canada?

The author of the article rang a bell too. Janine Falcon is the lady behind beautygeeks, one of the first Canadian beauty blogs I read. It was a nice suprise reading her work outside her website.

According to Janine, Bourjois will be available at Shoppers (and Murale later) in Canada and Sephora in the US. Right now, Bourjois website doesn’t have Canada as a country option yet, so you probably have to pick UK to browse 🙂

For more details, head over to the post Bourjois Paris Makeup Comes Back to Canada on beautygeeks.

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