Boxing… Err Shoe Day!

Boxing Day is my favourite day of the year to shop.  I know some of you must think I’m crazy but there are always amazing sales out there.  Yesterday was technically Boxing Day but here in NS its a statutory holiday so our stores were all closed until today.

We fuelled up and then headed out to the stores. We were in Walmart by 830am and surprisingly there just the normal amount of people.  (Holly and her hubby met up with us too.) We stocked up on a bunch of toiletries (including a flat iron!!!!), household stuff and of course, electronics.

I couldn’t wait to go shoe shopping. It’s become my “thing” to do on Boxing Day.

Finally, I arrived at The Shoe Company….. I could stay in that store all day.  🙂 The star of the day were these fantastic Guess Peep Toes

Plus a pair of Carlos Falchi boots. Basic black leather and modest heels. I’ve needed a pair of dressier boots forever and these seemed perfect.

At Globo shoes these basic black pumps caught my eye.

Weeeeee, I’m excited just looking at all these shoes. LOL 🙂

We hit up a bunch of other places including the mall, which was CRAZY. I picked up a few sweaters and got myself a big stack of chicklit to read over the next week.

And I was a good little wife and made sure hubby got to all 3 EB Game locations plus two different Future Shops  He got his fill of video games! ;)  Over all was a quite a fun day.

We got home and set up our new bed frame and made the bed with new linens.  Have a feeling I’ll sleep well tonight, yah!!

I did spend a decent amount of time in one other store today but you’ll have to visit for all the fun deets!

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