Christmas Fest on the Upper West!

As I mentioned on my Christmas morning post, Angie and I had quite the feast in store. Once we finally got in gear, I poured up two strong spiced rum & eggnogs to go along with the delish selections.
First up, was the bread- awww yeah. The bread was an apricot-hazelnut parisienne from Silver Moon Bakery– sis’s favorite bakery on the UWS.
That was sliced thinly and toasted to that the cheese would melt right in. Which brings me to the additions; creamy goat cheese and Camambert (which, I’ve decided, I do not like), my aunt’s homemade red wine jelly and Calimyrna figs with uncured applewood smoked bacon with lots of black pepper.
While I slathered my toasted bread w/ goat cheese, red wine jelly and sweet figs, Angie made mini sammies with the Camembert.

Boxing… Err Shoe Day!

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