Boxing Week haul I

I know I’m late for this post, as my main purpose of posting hauls is to let you know about good deals so you can get them if interested. I bought some stuff in the last few days, but jet lag has been killing me at night. I felt cold and sleepy right after dinner and had to go take a nap. One day I slept all the way through the morning, and last night I got up at 10pm. I’m not doing so well with adjusting this time 🙂

Anyway, let’s move on to the goodies.

First, I went to Walmart. This year they didn’t have any crazy deals on makeup like last year, but they had all Christmas items 50% off. And what caught my eyes were gift sets and chocolates, lol. Well, I wouldn’t need to explain the chocolate purchase, but gift sets are normally a better deal compared to individual purchases already, before any discount. So with half off, they are certainly a steal.

In the first pic, besides the chocolate, I have the eco bath set (CAD7.49 after discount) and Dr. Teals hand cream set (5 different scents, CAD4.99).

In this second pic is all Freeman sets. From top left, clock wise: Body set (wash, scrub, butter), Foot set (soak, scrub, balm), Organic facial set (cleanser, scrub, moisturizer) and Mask set. Except for the Organic set (CAD7.49), the other 3 sets were CAD4.99. The individual tube sold around CAD3 each, so the sets were an awesome deal.

The Walmart I visited had about 4 double-sided isles full of Christmas stuff with 50% off. Other than chocolate and gift sets, they had Christmas decorations and other gifts, if you want to get an early gift for someone’s birthday 🙂

At Shoppers, I couldn’t find any Quo holiday gift sets, guess people went for them first on Boxing Day already.

Surprisingly though, I found a little display of Gosh nail polishes for CAD6 a bottle (reg. CAD13), couldn’t help but getting 3 – from L-R: Blue Monday (gorgeous navy), Purple Heart (deep dark purple) and Gasoline (cheerful purple). There were about 7-8 shades on the display but I only picked the shimmery colours, didn’t care for creams. And some chocolate at half price for Squirt.

Last stop for the day was Superstore. You might not think about it as a Boxing Week shopping destination, but it did have some fun deals.

I found a Goody hair accessory set (with combs, clips, ties) for CAD6.50 (after 50% discount), needed some combs, so I grabbed it.

The perfume section had some yellow tagged items with heavy discount, so I got Lolita Lempicka 50ml bottle for CAD17.50 ($52 off), and Jenifer Lopez Live Lux for CAD12.50 ($47 off), crazy huh?

The Lip Smacker set was also 50% off, came out CAD3.99, with 3 clipable lip blam tubes, and a container to carry them all for an outdoor trip. I found it kinda neat.

Some other items from the 50% off corner at Superstore.

A clear plastic traincase, paid CAD6.50, Chocolate Almond bath set CAD9.99, Sanctuary spa set CAD6.50 and Aveeno Body set CAD7.50.

I know that’s quite a lot of gift sets, but I can’t help it. I like to try out different products in the same line, smaller size is even better as I could finish them faster. I just need to ask the bf for some help to carry them all back to Halifax, as my luggage is full, lol.

I have a Sally haul and some small purchase at the mall but forgot to take pictures, so I’ll post about them tomorrow. Have a lovely day everyone, the last day of 2009! Happy New Year all!

Last day of the first decade

HRP wishes everyone a Happy New Year