NOTD: Sally Hansen Red Carpet

I’m back to Canada! Phew, it was very tiring, but I made it, lol. I’m currently visitting the bf’s parents, not back to Halifax yet. It was nice to be around somebody instead of just me and Squirt.

As mentioned in the previous post, I did manage to get my nails painted and drawn before I flew out Sunday night. So let me show you them.

This is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet, a deep red with red fine glitters.

The colour in the bottle was very pretty but it took 3 coats to achieve the right red shade, as it looked purply red on the first and second coat. I wanted a festive red and was glad that Red Carpet gave me that.

The cherry blossoms were painted using just 1 small flat brush – 1 side dipped in pink and the other side in white. The same swirl effect from my sis’s bridal nail art, if you remember. I really loved this one. I know I said so with each and every nail art I got done, can’t help it 🙂

For the toes, I wanted glitters!!! I do miss having glitters on the nails, so I pulled out China Glaze Atlantis and it didn’t disappoint. It’s the best glitter from the collection China Glaze had at Sally, I have to agree.

The daisies on the big toes added extra punch to the festive look I was trying to pull. It might be too much with 2 bright/ strong colours on hands and feet, but I wanted the nail art this time to be memorable. I wouldn’t have a chance like this in probably the next 2 years until I come home again, so why not?

The pictures are clickable for larger view, if you want to see them better. With luggage handling, the polish already started to chip on me. Darn it!

How was everyone’s boxing day shopping? Cosmetics wise, have you got any good deals that you want to share? I heard this year is the very first time that Sephora Canada has some sale in the stores, so I am curious to hear if you found anything good. There’s no Sephora store in this town I’m visitting until next year, so I can’t report on its deal 🙂 My little Boxing Week haul would be up soon, when I have a chance to take pictures.

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